My first month using my new TOEIC Student Workbook!

Tomorrow is the last day of my first month using my new Master the TOEIC Student Workbook…I think it is doing pretty well :)  

At some point this year I want to add one more complete TOEIC test to the workbook, to make it even more useful for students and teachers!

Teachers: if you want a sneak peak of my Student Workbook, let me know–I will send you some sample chapters!

3 comments to My first month using my new TOEIC Student Workbook!

  • oanh

    I am really interested in this book. could you possibly send me some chapter of this book please?

  • Will do! I’ve been working hard on finishing the Teacher’s Manual this month, but will try to get you a sample off this weekend.

  • Katja

    I was one of the first student that used this book in Chris TOEIC class. It gives you a good overview about the strategy how to prepare yourself for the TOEIC exam.
    The book consists of theoretical part with recommandations how to study for the exam and alert you about the common mistakes as well as give you advices how to avoid them and of the practical part with multiple useful excercises.
    I highly recommend this book, as a preparation for the TOEIC exam! Good luck to you!
    I took the TOEIC exam in January 2012 and passed it with a satisfying score. I am convinced, that Chris TOEIC class and his teaching materials contributed to my TOEIC sucess!!!

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