Listen to NPR!

npr-logoAmerica’s NPR(National Public Radio) is a great place to practice your TOEIC Listening skills.  It has both audio clips and text news reports which use many words and idioms you will find in the TOEIC.  Almost all the audio clips have transcripts, so you can read what you are listening to; this can help you in recognizing words you’ve only seen but not heard, and even help you with your pronunciation!

Here’s the pages I recommend you go to at NPR.

npr-morning edition

This is the weekday morning news show.
npr-all-things-considered-logo This is the weekday afternoon new show.

The audio clips are between 2-8 minutes.  Some clips are interviews, others are reports with a single speaker.  The topic of the news reports range from politics & business to art & music.

Sample Audio Clip: (click on any part of the clip below)listen iconExperts Say Bills Won’t End ‘Too Big To Fail’[4 min 31 sec]

by Adam DavidsonSee Full StoryTranscript <–click this to read the text of the news report

Happy listening!

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