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There are many TOEIC Preparation books…these are some of the best!  Bookmark this page and come back here from time to time to see what other great TOEIC study materials we have found for you!

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This is the book I use in my TOEIC Test Preparation classes. Target TOEIC has 6 complete Reading & Listening TOEIC Tests. It also includes 6 CDs for the Listening Section of the Tests. This is a great practice book! The Questions give my students a good idea of the kinds of topics and questions on the TOEIC, and are fairly close to the difficulty level of the real TOEIC.  Use this book the month before Test Day to improve you speed at answering questions. However, you will need to buy a Strategy book to help you improve your test-taking skills.
I keep a copy of this book in my school’s library for any student who wants to really work on building their TOEIC Vocabulary. It is full of hundreds of vocabulary-building exercises, with practice questions that look like all 7 parts of the TOEIC. This book is what my students use if they want to push their TOEIC Score beyond 900! It doesn’t teach you strategies or methods, but it is the next best thing!  I wish I had written this book!(NOTE: It comes with 2 CDs.)
I also introduce this book to students who want to build their TOEIC Business English skills. It is divided into different chapters for different kinds of topics you will find on the TOEIC, with exercises to help you memorize words, their meaning and how they are used.

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