Become Sherlock Holmes

Do you know who Sherlock Holmes was? He was a character in a series of novels written over 100 years ago in England. The novels were detective stories; they were mysteries. Sherlock Holmes would find clues to help him solve crimes (murders, thefts, missing people).

Many of the clues he found were easy to see, [...]

Master the TOEIC Teacher’s Manual is done!

It is done! The culmination of years of classes, writing and editing. Now Teachers can use my Master the TOEIC system in their own classrooms. This has been the culmination of the last few years of hard work, first developing a TOEIC test-taking system, then getting all my thoughts and ideas down in a way [...]

Mime and Mastering English

“Ointment? Ointment? What in the world does ointment mean?”

It’s 8:30 in the morning, and my students and I are working our way through a section of the TOEIC test, trying to understand some of the questions they got wrong. From time to time we will come across a word which my students have never [...]

Reducing Stress During Testing, Part 2

Cold sweat trickling down the back…eyes losing focus…staring at the same question for eternity and feeling no closer to an answer…stuck…stalled…


Tests are not the only time and place we feel stress, but it is one of those times where it is critical to have the skill to reduce stress–the inability to do so [...]

Reducing Stress During Testing

During the Test, you may become stressed, tired or anxious. You may find it difficult to understand English, or difficult to focus on finding a piece of information. You may start sweating, or get nervous thinking you don’t have enough time to finish the Questions. This happens to many people during the TOEIC Test, especially [...]