Master the TOEIC Review at esl.about!

I just want to give a might, heartfelt “Thank you!” to my colleague Kenneth Beare at for his wonderful review of my Master the TOEIC books!

Just reading (and re-reading!) his review is inspiring me to write the next test strategy series…TOEFL? IELTS?

Master the TOEIC Teacher’s Manual is done!

It is done! The culmination of years of classes, writing and editing. Now Teachers can use my Master the TOEIC system in their own classrooms. This has been the culmination of the last few years of hard work, first developing a TOEIC test-taking system, then getting all my thoughts and ideas down in a way [...]

Find everything English at

If you are a teacher looking for ideas on grammatical topics to teach in class, or a English language learner looking for explanations of difficult-to-understand English grammar, then you should come by!

Run by the knowledgeable Kenneth Beare, seems to have a limitless amount of pages devoted to all aspects of English learning.


My first month using my new TOEIC Student Workbook!

Tomorrow is the last day of my first month using my new Master the TOEIC Student Workbook…I think it is doing pretty well

At some point this year I want to add one more complete TOEIC test to the workbook, to make it even more useful for students and teachers!

Teachers: if you [...]

Mime and Mastering English

“Ointment? Ointment? What in the world does ointment mean?”

It’s 8:30 in the morning, and my students and I are working our way through a section of the TOEIC test, trying to understand some of the questions they got wrong. From time to time we will come across a word which my students have never [...]

Smile your way to English mastery

It’s an hour into class, and I look around and see the tired faces. My students have been struggling with the writing section of the TOEFL for the last 2 days, and I can see their frustration levels rising with every minute. I know what they are thinking: I’ll never understand this. This is too [...]

Happy Halloween!

Yesterday, students at my school, Portland English Language Academy, had a fun day celebrating Halloween! After having a great Pizza Party for lunch, complete with a Costume Contest and a Quiz where students had to guess the screams of all the teachers, I got to teach class dressed as Edward Scissorhands!

For many of our students, this [...]