Become Sherlock Holmes

Do you know who Sherlock Holmes was? He was a character in a series of novels written over 100 years ago in England. The novels were detective stories; they were mysteries. Sherlock Holmes would find clues to help him solve crimes (murders, thefts, missing people).

Many of the clues he found were easy to see, [...]

Your Satisfaction…Guaranteed!

I am pleased to inform you I have just completed a major revision of Master the TOEIC!

In addition to all great Strategies and lists of Business English from the first edition, this new, improved book now includes a FULL TOEIC Test, with Practice Exercises for each section of the Test!

And because I am [...]

New TOEIC Listening Strategies

Here you can download the 4 Tracks to do the Exercises from Master the TOEIC: Strategies, Appendix A: TOEIC Strategy Practice Test.

MastertheTOEIC-Track 1 MastertheTOEIC-Track 2 MastertheTOEIC-Track 3 MastertheTOEIC-Track 4

If you have any trouble downloading these tracks, please don’t hesitate to contact me at