“keep in mind”

“keep (someone or something) in mind”


(verb) To remember and think about someone or something while doing an action.

Examples: The manager told her staff to keep in mind that because the store will open early tomorrow they should go to bed early. 


Keep in mind when you are buying a [...]




( adverb) A result desired by someone. Synonym: Goal.

Examples: One of our sales objectives for the next year is to expand into the Asian market.



It is the objective of this meeting to find a solution to our computer network problems—we won’t finish the meeting till we have [...]

“cut back”

“cut back”


( verb) To use fewer or do less of something. (noun)”cutback”: something that is reduced.

Examples: The company has been cutting back on travel expenses recently. 


Because of the bad economy, there have been many cutbacks in all the departments at Miscrosoft.

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Everything is at English Central!

One of my colleagues at Portland English Language Academy showed me a great website which can really help students build their confidence in listening to English and building their vocabulary: English Central!

When you register at English Central, there is a Free edition and a Premium subscription (which ranges from $7-10/month). If you tell them [...]

Mime and Mastering English

“Ointment? Ointment? What in the world does ointment mean?”

It’s 8:30 in the morning, and my students and I are working our way through a section of the TOEIC test, trying to understand some of the questions they got wrong. From time to time we will come across a word which my students have never [...]

“buy off (someone)”

”buy off (someone)”

(noun) To use a gift or money to divert someone from their duty, purpose or responsibility. It is similar to a bribe and sometimes illegal.


The land developer tried to buy off the city planners by giving $5000 to each of them, but the city planners refused to [...]

Smile your way to English mastery

It’s an hour into class, and I look around and see the tired faces. My students have been struggling with the writing section of the TOEFL for the last 2 days, and I can see their frustration levels rising with every minute. I know what they are thinking: I’ll never understand this. This is too [...]

”breaking news”

”breaking news”

(noun) News that is happening right now.


My favorite TV show was interrupted by breaking news regarding the crash of the space shuttle.

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(adjective) The sky covered with clouds or mist.


The skies were overcast this morning in the city.

Because it was really overcast last night, we couldn’t see the full moon.

Our TOEIC Words of the Week are words or phrases you will often see [...]

”quality control”

”quality control”

(noun) The action of checking products (things that are built) to make sure they have been made well.


We had to revise our quality control procedures when we began to get reports from customers that they were buying broken products.

Last week the [...]