TOEIC Listening Section

If you have not purchased a TOEIC study book already, click here to go to the ETS website and download the TOEIC Examine Handbook for Reading and Listening.  Look at the Sample Questions on pages 8 to 13.

TOEIC Listening Section

The Listening Section of TOEIC Listening and Reading Test lasts about 45 minutes. It contains 100 questions, and is divided into four parts.  Click on the Part number or Content name to find short description and one of our Effective Strategies for that Part of the TOEIC.

Part Content Number of Questions
1 Photographs 10 Questions
2 Question-Response 30 Questions
3 Short Conversations 30 Questions
(10 Conversations: 3 Questions each)
4 Short Talks 30 questions
(10 Talks: 3 Questions each)

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