Question-Response Strategies

In this Part, you will be hear a Question or Statement about a business topic.  It is followed by three Responses. You need to choose the one Response that makes sense.

Question-Response STRATEGY #1
Word Repetition

In English, people do not normally repeat Key Words in their response to a question.


Question: “Where did you put the report?”

You would NOT normally answer this question with:

Incorrect Response: “I put the report on the table.”

In English, you would normally say:

Correct Response: “I put it on the table.” or “On the table.”

However, the ONLY time you will normally hear a Key Word repeated in a Response on the TOEIC is when the Response is asking for MORE information about a Key Word.


Question: “Where did you put the report?”

Correct Response: “Which report?” Notice that this Response is actually a Question, too!

Therefore, if you hear an Answer Choice that repeats a Key Word from the Question (unless the Response is Question itself) it is (99% of the time) going to be a wrong answer.

Question-Response STRATEGY #2
Answering Questions with “Yes” or “No”

In English, you normally cannot answer “Wh-Questions“ (questions that begin with “when”, “where”, “what”, “why”, “who” or “how”) with “yes” or “no”.

However, for some questions that begin with “when”, you CAN answer with a “yes” or “no”!

Example:Question: “When you get to the office, can you email me the Johnson report?”

Correct Response: “Sure!” or “Yes, I’ll do it first thing.”

For questions where you would expect a “Yes” or “No” response, sometimes you will not hear “yes” or “no”–instead, you might hear a response that explains WHY the speaker cannot give a “yes” or “no” response.

Example:Question: “Can you take the boss to tomorrow’s meeting?”

Correct Response: “I’ll have to ask my supervisor.”

Also, you don’t need to hear “yes” or “no” in a response to a Yes/No Question.

Example:Question: “Can you take the boss to tomorrow’s meeting?”

Correct Response: “I would be happy to.”

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