Quiz #1 Answers

Question-Response Quiz #1
Answers & Explanations

1. B

2. A

3. C

4. A

5. B

6. A

7. A

8. C

9. C

10. B

Below are Explanations for each Question.

In the Question-Response part of the TOEIC, each question usually tests your ability to identify the Type of Question you are hearing, along with your ability to hear differences between words that sound the same.

Knowing what Type of Question is being asked will help you more quickly identify wrong answer choices and find clues to the correct answer.

If you have any questions about the Questions or Responses from this Quiz, please leave a COMMENT BELOW. It is my desire to help you Master the TOEIC!

1. B

Question Type: What Action

“What are you going to do after work?”

(A) I work every day in the evening. – WRONG – this repeats the word “work”, as well as not answering what “you” will do AFTER work
(B) I have to pick up my wife at the airport. CORRECT
(C) I went to the grocery store. WRONG – this is talking about a past action, while the question is about a future action

2. A

Question Type: Who

“Who called while I was out of the office?”

(A) The branch manager.  He wants to talk with you. CORRECT
(B) The R & D department head needs the financial report. – WRONG – this does not clearly answer who called; maybe it was the manager, but maybe it wasn’t.
(C) Yes, I did. – WRONG – “yes” cannot answer a “who” question

3. C

Question Type: Where

“Where are last year’s financial reports?”

(A) We went to Hawaii. – WRONGthe question asks about “financial reports” and this answer is about “we”

(B) On vacation. – WRONG – “financial reports cannot go on vacation
(C) In Nancy’s office. – CORRECT

4.  A

Question Type: Why

“Why are you waiting here at the front desk?”

(A) I’m meeting Julie here in a few minutes. CORRECT
(B) Because I’m waiting here right now. WRONG this does not explain “why you are waiting”; it only repeats a phrase from the Question
(C) I’ll be waiting there in an hour. – WRONGthis focuses on “when” you are waiting, but does not answer “why you are waiting”

5.  B

Question Type: When

“When’s the Johnson report going to be ready?”

(A) I’m ready now. WRONG the question asks about “the Johnson report” and this answer is about “I”
(B) I’ll be done with it by 3:00. CORRECT
(C) He’ll report to you in the conference room. – WRONGthis repeats the word “report” but uses it as a verb, not a noun (as it is used in the Question)

6. A

Question Type: Duration

“How long did you work for the government?”

(A) Eight years. – CORRECT
(B) Yes, I did. – WRONG – “yes” cannot answer “how long” Questions
(C) Two years ago. – WRONGthis answer is for a “when” Question, not a “how long” Question

7. A

Question Type: Choice

“Do you want to work late tonight or finish this on the weekend?”

(A) Let’s take care of it today. CORRECT
(B) I worked late last night. WRONG – this answer is talking about the past, but the question is about the future; it also repeats several Key Words from the Question
(C) I went to work on Saturday. – WRONGthis answer is talking about the past, but the question is about the future

8. C

Question Type: Request

“Would you be able to open the store tomorrow?”

(A) I think they open at 8:00 tomorrow. – WRONG – this repeats many Key Words from the Question; also, the Question is about “you”, but this answer focuses on “they”
(B) I’m not sure when they open. – WRONG – this is an answer to a “what time” Question, not a Yes/No Question
(C) Sure, but I don’t have a key to get in. – CORRECT

9. C

Question Type: Statement

“I don’t think I’ll get this package to the post office before it closes: I’m just too busy.”

(A) Yes, it’s always busy at the post office. – WRONG – this repeats several Key Words from the Question; also, it says that the “post office is busy”, but the Question says “I’m busy”
(B) The post office closes at 5:00. – WRONG – this is answering a “what time” Question
(C) Do you want me to mail it for you? CORRECT

10. B

Question Type: Opinion

“What do you think of the new copier?”

(A) Yes, I’d love some coffee. – WRONG“coffee” and “copier” sound similar
(B) It’s not as easy to use as the old one. CORRECT
(C) I didn’t read the newspaper this morning. WRONG – “newspaper” and “new copier” begin and end with the same sounds

If you have any questions about the Questions or Responses from this Quiz, please leave a COMMENT BELOW. It is my desire to help you Master the TOEIC!

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