Quiz #1

Question-Response Quiz #1

Can you identify the correct Response these Questions?

Write your answers down, then click here for Answers and Explanations.

1. What are you going to do after work?

(A) I work every day in the evening.
(B) I have to pick up my wife at the airport.
(C) I went to the grocery store.

2. Who called while I was out of the office?

(A) The branch manager. He wants to talk with you.
(B) The R & D department head needs the financial report.
(C) Yes, I did.

3. Where are last year’s financial reports?

(A) We went to Hawaii.
(B) On vacation.
(C) In Nancy’s office.

4. Why are you waiting here at the front desk?

(A) I’m meeting Julie here in a few minutes.
(B) Because I’m waiting here right now.
(C) I’ll be waiting there in an hour.

5. When’s the Johnson report going to be ready?

(A) I’m ready now.
(B) I’ll be done with it by 3:00.
(C) He’ll report to you in the conference room.

6. How long did you work for the government?

(A) Eight years.
(B) Yes, I did.
(C) Two years ago.

7. Do you want to work late tonight or finish this on the weekend?

(A) Let’s take care of it today.
(B) I worked late last night.
(C) I went to work on Saturday.

8. Would you be able to open the store tomorrow?

(A) I think they open at 8:00 tomorrow.
(B) I’m not sure when they open.
(C) Sure, but I don’t have a key to get in.

9. I don’t think I’ll get this package to the post office before it closes: I’m just too busy.

(A) Yes, it’s always busy at the post office.
(B) The post office closes at 5:00.
(C) Do you want me to mail it for you?

10. What do you think of the new copier?

(A) Yes, I’d love some coffee.
(B) It’s not as easy to use as the old one.
(C) I didn’t read the newspaper this morning.

Click here for Answers and Explanations

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