Short Talk Strategies

In this Part, you will hear a short monologue such as a weather forecast, announcement or bulletin, followed by three Questions about the monologue. . Each Question has four possible Answer Choices.

Short Talk STRATEGY #1
Similar Information

In this Part, one of the most common Tricks is to give similarly-phrased information inside the Talk or Answer Choices, such as months, days of the week (Monday, Friday, etc.), times of day (morning, afternoon, etc.), or even numbers that sound the same (13, 30, etc.).

Before the Talk begins, look at the Questions and see if the Answer Choices contain words that look or sound similar to each other.


In a Short Talk, you hear the following pieces of information:

“…30 minutes after our doors open…”
“…open at 8 in the morning…”
“…open till 5…”
“…open 7 days a week…”

Question: “What time does the store open?”

A) 8:30  WRONG
B) 8:00  CORRECT
C) 7:00  WRONG
D) 5:00  WRONG

Only “open at 8 in the morning” answers the Question.

Do you see how the other Answer Choices repeat numbers from the Talk but are connected to different Events or Actions?

If you listen for what Event or Action is connected with each similarly-phrased piece information, you will be able to avoid most of these Similar Information Tricks!

Short Talk Strategy #2
Incorrect Paraphrase

Wrong answer will often use words and ideas from the talk but change them slightly, making them incorrect.

Sample Short Talk:

Woman: “Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen. I would like to introduce you to our keynote speaker of this year’s sales conference. Daniel Oliveri has been a leading voice in the field of online-marketing over the last four years, developing many innovative strategies which have become industry standards. Before this, Mr. Oliveri spent a decade in the field of webpage design, working for numerous blue-chip companies in building websites that are user-friendly, rich in content, artistically designed, and providing companies with information to help them better serve their customers. Tonight he will be speaking on the theme of this conference: how create a 5-step plan to draw potential customers to your website through online advertising. Everyone, please join me in welcoming Daniel Oliveri.”

Question: What is will Mr. Oliveri talk about?”

A) How to create a blue-chip company.
WRONG He created webpages at blue-chip companies

B) People who work at blue-chip companies.
WRONG He worked at a blue-chip company

C) How to speak at sales conferences.
WRONG He is speaking, but that is not his topic

D) How to use online advertising.

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