Quiz #1

Incomplete Sentence Quiz #1

Can you answer these Incomplete Sentence questions?

Write your answers down, then click here for Answers and Explanations.

1. The sales and marketing departments need to _______ their plans and activities to better serve the company’s bottom line.

(A) nominate
(B) elevate
(C) coordinate
(D) designate

2. I thought the gift I had ordered would arrive before Christmas, but it’s December 26th and it still hasn’t _______ up.

(A) show
(B) showing
(C) showed
(D) shown

3. _______ people who enjoy their work need time to relax, it is hard to pull themselves away from their job.

(A) Also
(B) However
(C) Even though
(D) Despite

4. After the teachers found the school principal had given herself a 15% pay raise, they _______ plans to hold a strike.

(A) formulate
(B) formulated
(C) formulating
(D) formula

5. We thought that our online advertising campaign would be successful, but _______ has responded to the newsletter we sent out.

(A) no one
(B) anyone
(C) someone
(D) none

6. If you don’t like the new refrigerator you bought, you can always return it for a full_______.

(A) refund
(B) charge
(C) warranty
(D) rebate

7. _______ the successful summer season, the manager doesn’t think he can afford to add a new wing to the hotel.

(A) Although
(B) Because
(C) Due to
(D) Despite

8. Because 0f the snow storm, everyone at the airport _______ long departure delays to their flights.

(A) anticipation
(B) anticipating
(C) anticipates
(D) was anticipated

9. The new invoicing program _______ us to more quickly send out bills and process money coming into the company over the last year.

(A) allow
(B) will allow
(C) are allowing
(D) allowed

10. Everyone expects the new pollution laws to pass and go into _______ at the end of this fiscal year.

(A) affection
(B) effective
(C) affect
(D) effect

Click here for Answers and Explanations

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