The Morning of Test Day

The morning of your TOEIC Test

1.  Get up early enough to be at the Test Center 30 minutes before the test begins. This way if there are any difficulties during your trip to the Test Center, you will still arrive on time.  This will also help you to go to the bathroom before the test begins—which is very important!

2.  Eat a light breakfast. If you eat too much, you may get tired or sleepy in the middle of your TOEIC Test!

3.  If you normally drink a lot of coffee/tea every morning, have only one cup. Even a little bit of coffee/tea will wake you up, but too much will probably make you need to go to the bathroom, right in the middle of your TOEIC Test!

4.  On the way to the Test Center, listen to English. Listen to English news, or to some TOEIC Short Talks.  This way your “English Ears” will wake up and be prepared to listen to the TOEIC Listening Section.  You don’t want the first English you hear that day to be Question 1 of the TOEIC!  However, before you enter the Test Center, put your listening device away—electronic devices (other than watches) are not allowed in the Test Center.

5.  While waiting to take the test, read some English. Photocopy some simple newspaper articles or short newspaper editorials.  Practice Skimming and Scanning for about 10-15 minutes; try and find the Main Idea and Conclusions of the article, or some important details.  This will get you ready to Skim and Scan for the TOEIC Test.  DO NOT BRING A TOEIC WORKBOOK TO THE TEST CENTER—some Test Centers are very strict about not bringing any TOEIC material to the Test.

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